1: अमेध्यलिप्त

adj. smeared with ordure

2: अम्बुदैव

n. having the waters as deity

3: आदिश्य

f. aiming at

f. design

f. intention

ind. aiming at

ind. announcing

ind. teaching

ind. having said

4: अधिकृत्य

ind. having made the chief subject

indecl. having placed at the head

indecl. concerning

indecl. regarding

indecl. with reference to

5: अनवलेप

adj. unassuming

adj. free from veneer

adj. unvarnished

adj. plain

6: अभियाचन

n. asking for

n. entreaty

n. request

7: आलोकयति { आलोक् }

verb caus. descry

verb caus. see

verb caus. behold

verb caus. look at or upon

verb caus. perceive

verb caus. consider

verb caus. know

verb caus. prove

8: अभ्युपेत्य

adj. admitted or assented to

ind. having assented or agreed to

ind. having entered

ind. having arrived at

9: प्रवर्तते { प्र- वृत् }

verb accede  [ an office ]

10: आनर्त

m. theatre

m. war

m. dancing-room

m. dancing academy

m. stage

n. water

n. dancing

11: अमेध्याक्त

adj. soiled with ordure

12: अब्रह्मन्

adj. without devotion

adj. without Brahmans

adj. not a brahman

13: आख्यापन

n. causing to tell

n. announcement

n. proclamation

n. publication

14: प्राशितृ

adj. an eater

15: आनम् { आनम् }

verb bend

verb bend towards or near

verb incline

verb condescend

verb do homage

verb bow

verb subdue

verb bend down

verb be propitious (as gods to men)

verb salute reverently

16: आमज्वर

m. fever produced by indigestion

17: अचक्षुष्ट्व

n. blindness

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